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I?ve had issues with muscle spasms dating back almost 10 years, which led to insomnia and terrible health issues.  Initially the western doctors had no idea what to do, so they gave me a bunch of pills to make the muscles relax. I got addicted to the pills which were;  valium, xanax and other sleeping pills.  The problem was in my neck I later discovered and have since sought treatment of different kinds all over the world.

By far the most effective treatments and also source of information; and understanding now the problem was from Yasmin, who was recommended to me by my Mum.  I?de go and see her for almost any health issue as opposed to a GP.  I was so impressed that she didn?t start doing anything until she had asked a lot of questions and had a gauge of what she thought might be the underlying issue and how to fix it.  There was no rushing to get me out of her clinic for another patient.  Her qualifications and knowledge of how the body works is amazing and I have met lots of people in that industry.  I was thrilled to learn so much - The treatments were simple, non painful, very relaxing and gave me immediate results.  I only wish I didn?t live in another country and could get more regular treatments. I am a professional golfer by trade and if I was still playing Pro Golf ? I would see Yasmin every week!  I have told her she could make a fortune in Asia but she loves the Northern Rivers Area and who could blame her? 

If you are reading this and have any doubt about Yasmine or this testimonial, please don?t hesitate to contact me for extensive verification.  Her passion is to help people feel better, and she is extremely good at it.

Anthony Sinclair (PGA Australia)

Director ?at Skybliss Pte Ltd

For over 7 years I suffered constant debilitating pain despite having weekly treatments such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, to name but a few.  Although they did give me some relief, it was only temporary and all too soon the pain returned.  Then, I found Yasmine and her unique style of Myopractic along with at other times her combinations of Rebalancing, Cranio-sacral  modalities....Completely changed my life!  After 6 intensive weekly treatments not only had the pain gone but the underlying body patterns vanished.  I continue to have follow-up treatments and Thanks to Yasmine, I now enjoy a pain free life.  I highly recommend Yasmin?s Alchemiah Touch Therapies to everybody ranging from children to the elderly.

J. Anderson, Murwillumbah.   

Yasmine Quartermaine was one of those Special Miracles that came into my life.  It was so desperately needed.  She helped remind me about all the special beauty I and around us.

With the losses I felt I had suffered, stressful and exhausting days that often occur in my business I had been feeling that I was trapped in a dark tunnel with no way out.  Yasmines treatments have been a great personal time out for myself, taking such comforts in our weekly sessions. The Guidance has been beautiful.

It has been wonderful to find somebody that is totally willing to work on me, my body and trapped emotional traumas and show teach guide me with such patience and care- also making up homework meditations for me that were invaluable on many levels. Yasmine showed me how to get there!!

I take utmost absolute pleasure in recommending Yasmine?s body work and sauna meditation therapies to everyone.

Such a healing experience on every level!!!

Jennifer Babuik -Floral Fusion, Ballina   

I have been seeing Yasmin for a debilitating condition that has plagued me for some 9 years now.  I could have 12 months of massage and wouldn?t feel as good in my body as I do now. Yasmin has been treting me  with a combination of Advanced Bowen and other weeks Myopractic that has truly given me  a new lease of life and I have only been coming to Alchemiah Touch for 3 months .  Amazing!!

Thanks a Million!  Ms B.L. Clarre- Murwillumbah NSW  

Yasmine?s therapies have turned my life around. I have just taken on 3 business which would not have been possible 2 months ago and my daughter says that ?I am a much nicer person to her now?..

I would recommend Yasmin from Alchemiah Touch to anyone!

Robert Doyl.  

Dear Yasmine, I would like to thank you for the series of Bowen Treatments that i have received from you.  My right leg which had been broken in the femur, the knee and lower shin has remarkably improved. I now do not get any cramps anymore and the right foot is now in the proper projectory ?whereas before it was protruding to the right of my body at an 80 degree angle.  The calcification lump that was in my left foot back and above my 2nd small toe has completely disappeared. This calcification lump in my left foot was a result of a   football injury in my junior years playing for state.  My feet no longer cause me discomfort and I am able to walk long distances and do tasks now with ease and range eg: digging in the garden, carrying laundry to the clothes line, pushing wheelbarrow with loads etc.  The dislocation hat was in the back of my

Neck that was causing severe pain and discomfort in my jaw to the degree that it was affecting my teeth as if there was an abbess in my jaw has totally gone and has not returned.  I am highly grateful for your ability with the Bowen Technique and your professional approach.  I recommend you and the process to others with bodily discomforts and ailments to take the step and use Yasmine?s treatments for their physical and psychological well being.  As with a health body- comes a healthy mind and enjoyable quality lifestyle.  Once again Yasmine, Thank you very much. I am fortunate to have found you and your treatments.  My life now is going ahead in comfort and fortuity and at the age of 54 yrs this is a blessing and a miracle.  

Sincere regards, P. Collinson Tweed Valley Way, Murwillumbah NSW Australia.   

Alchemiah Touch can align your body and soothe your spirit. Yasmine has a deep understanding of how to optimize your life. Thank you!

Sue Sheppard. Author  

I initially went to see Yasmine with some trepidation as my previous experiences with Bowen Therapy had not been positive (practitioners were not accredited and yet practising anyway).  My initial session was extremely relaxing and I ended up feeling as good as if i would of had a massage with oils. The results i saw over the next few weeks were amazing. Although i had no immediate/obvious health issues or injuries to start with, the Bowen treatments left me feeling more energised and yet centred in my body than i have truly ever felt before!  Over the next few sessions, old injuries resurfaced briefly and then left as suddenly, leaving my body feeling stronger, more energised, balanced and my business has developed in leaps and bounds!

I now feel my treatments with Yasmine is an important part of my regular body maintenance and I include these treatments in my weekly regime.  Yasmine is wonderful and her ability to read the body and make adjustments is ?spot on?!

My neck and back have never felt so good!  Never knew this freedom could be possible.

Summers-Management Consultant, Harmonious Solutions. 

I suffered a fracture to my right shoulder and right hand 4 months ago when i fell in a concrete car park. I dislocated the right shoulder blade and wrenched the surrounding ligaments, tendons and deep muscles or R. Arm.  A friend recommended that I see Yasmine and I commenced treatment 2 months after the accident.  After 4 treatments within 2 weeks I noticed, my neck restrictions and migraines had completely vanished.  After 1 month I was completely pain free and after 9 treatments I had regained full use of my arm, shoulder and hand. My neck spasms were totally released becoming a distant memory; I could turn my head fully, something that I haven?t experienced in 35 years!Yasmine is a most trustworthy therapist, who explains everything she does and answers all the questions one might want answers for.  She is insightful and never hesitates to give assistance when needed.

RW  :? Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia .

Yasmine has been giving me weekly sessions of Rebalancing Massage and bodywork over the last 3 months.  I am pain free for the first time in 25 yrs. I feel more centred and calmer than I have ever been and feel fantastic.  I have a spring in my step and Life doesn?t get me down anymore. I have more energy than I thought could be possible and I just don?t get bogged down anymore with work or my relationship. Yasmine is a Gem and her bodywork skills are incredible.  Saved my life in fact. I feel like a totally new woman.

Judy La Placce  : 

My name is Chora. I am from Mexico. I work in Amsterdam Holland. This woman Yasmin is very good at massage work. I always feel so much better for weeks after my massage. I now feel more easy with myself when i work.  I have more kind feeling to my husband and children. 

Chora  Arturio.   

When I first came to Yasmin for a massage treatment about eight weeks ago, I was given a thorough consultation regarding my health and well-being history. Then i was advised after lengthy discussions that Myopractic Therapies would be a good way to start.  This has been most effective in releasing many years of built-up tensions?which I discovered were deeply seated in practically every muscle in my body!!  Yasmine has the amazing ability to sense exactly where the tension are strongest, and her incredible extensive and deep knowledge means that she can determine moment-by-moment which parts of the body need the most attention, and what needs to be done with them using a range of techniques.  Yasmine also advises about general health practices, such s drinking plenty of oxygen saturated alkaline water and resting well for 24 hours after the treatment.  It now feels that my heart, mind and soul inhabit a much younger and re-vitalised body. I have a great deal more energy, sleep more soundly and for longer than ever before and i can sustain concentration for longer periods.  My neck and shoulders feel brand knew and i just don?t get migraines anymore.  My students are happier and are seeming to learn with more ease.  Thankyou Yasmine!!!

Agnes -Sinclair, East Ballina /Southern Cross Uni Lecturer and Author.

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Bowen Therapy        Myopractic        Massage Far Infrared Spa
Bowen Therapy is a remedial body technique that is extremely gentle and relaxing. It triggers the body's own healing resources, resulting in fast and lasting relief ... It's a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing that has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years. It is based on the recognition of roll over crossfibre techniques that fire up the nerve synapses and golgi tendons, rejuvenating (in its total sense), the neuromuscular bundles back to their original homeostasis or inner balance, before the accident, injury or postural habit pattern.

Myopractic ? which is Latin for "muscle practice" ? is a type of bodywork that draws from a variety of therapies, including chiropractic, osteopathy, Bowen technique and traditional Chinese medicine. Is a roll over cross fibre technique that fires up the nerve synapses and golgi tendons, rejuvenating (in its total sense), the neuromuscular bundles back to their original homeostasis or inner balance, before the accident, injury or postural habit pattern ... It's prime aim is to realign the spine, but without the "back-cracking" associating with chiropractic. When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Remedial massage holistically treats the whole body. Therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, with an optional extra, using organic essential oils that can relax refresh or stimulate ... Tailored to suit the individual.... " It's a special feeling of being nurtured and a chance to go within Far Infrared Light Detoxifying Sauna is a truly revolutionary 21st centuary health - tool and I've combined 5 synergistic therapies to stimulate all the senses ...  turning a very effective detoxifying, pain relieving, relaxation system ... greatly improving overall Health. Relieve Pain, Remove Toxins & Relax  In today's world, where we are all exposed to toxins in the air and water, as well as through medications, vaccines and dental work, it is vital to integrate a detoxification regimen into one's daily life. Far Infrared saunas are a non-toxin, no side-effect way of ridding the body of harmful pollutants, especially heavy metals. 

With each treatment you are nurtured with a scalp massage, restorative pressure point therapy and a Balinese palming ritual.
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I CAN HELP YOU. Life is better when your neuromuscular body is clear, let me help unwind your body today ...

Disclaimer: Remedial Massage, Bowen and Myopractic Therapists are not doctors and therefore recommend you seek an appropriate medical opinion where necessary.