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The  Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ discusses some game changing discoveries he made as a cellular biologist.  

What he found was that on the surface of cells, there exist a collection of cells that function as a kind of identity which is what causes some cells to be rejected when transplanted into another cell, or body.  In this research he was able to surgically remove this collection of cells, and saw that when he transplanted cells into another body there was no rejection.  

What he also found, was that these cells were responsible for allowing, or not, other organisms from entering the cell; ie: they are the ‘gate keepers’ that  define what is let in, what is not, so actually choose what experiences the cell has.

At this point he realised that this group of cells functioned like a belief system, in as much as they filter what is allowed into the cell. He also saw that this type of filtering changes over time, and is affected by sickness, ageing and the state of mind of the individual..  

Thus, on a cellular level, science confirms what many self help gurus and Eastern philosophies and religions have been saying, which is that we create our reality based on our belief.  

What is missed,  however, by books such as ‘The Secret’ is that choosing a new belief is not as simple as choosing a new pair of pants that can be worn over that whatever was underneath. The existing belief needs to first be acknowledged and understood.. where it came from, why it was adopted and how it became part of our psyche...and Then can be replaced with a belief more in-tune with current circumstances.  

For more info in this exciting breakthrough, Google a talk given by Bruce Lipton entitled The New Biology  

This article was taken from the 2011  




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Bowen Therapy is a remedial body technique that is extremely gentle and relaxing. It triggers the body's own healing resources, resulting in fast and lasting relief ... It's a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing that has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years. It is based on the recognition of roll over crossfibre techniques that fire up the nerve synapses and golgi tendons, rejuvenating (in its total sense), the neuromuscular bundles back to their original homeostasis or inner balance, before the accident, injury or postural habit pattern.

Myopractic — which is Latin for "muscle practice" — is a type of bodywork that draws from a variety of therapies, including chiropractic, osteopathy, Bowen technique and traditional Chinese medicine. Is a roll over cross fibre technique that fires up the nerve synapses and golgi tendons, rejuvenating (in its total sense), the neuromuscular bundles back to their original homeostasis or inner balance, before the accident, injury or postural habit pattern ... It's prime aim is to realign the spine, but without the "back-cracking" associating with chiropractic. When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Remedial massage holistically treats the whole body. Therapeutic, remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, with an optional extra, using organic essential oils that can relax refresh or stimulate ... Tailored to suit the individual.... " It's a special feeling of being nurtured and a chance to go within Far Infrared Light Detoxifying Sauna is a truly revolutionary 21st centuary health - tool and I've combined 5 synergistic therapies to stimulate all the senses ...  turning a very effective detoxifying, pain relieving, relaxation system ... greatly improving overall Health. Relieve Pain, Remove Toxins & Relax  In today's world, where we are all exposed to toxins in the air and water, as well as through medications, vaccines and dental work, it is vital to integrate a detoxification regimen into one's daily life. Far Infrared saunas are a non-toxin, no side-effect way of ridding the body of harmful pollutants, especially heavy metals. 

With each treatment you are nurtured with a scalp massage, restorative pressure point therapy and a Balinese palming ritual.
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