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Acid/alkaline balance in the body.      What does ph mean in the body?

Ph is the potential of ?hydrogen? but in lay terms we are referring to the acid/alkaline balance in the body.  PH is calibrated on a scale from 1 (very acidic) to 14 (very alkaline) with 7 being ph neutral.  Most of our body fluids run at a slightly alkaline state with the exception of stomach fluids. Our blood has a ph of 7.35  to 7.45. Outside of this range death usually follows, so the body has many ways to counter any imbalances and create ?homeostasis or inner balance, for its main aim is survival.  

Most things that go between our lips these days are acidic.  Our lifestyles are generally considered acid producing and almost all forms of toxicity we expose our bodies to, are acidic.  Our body has to work hard to give us alkaline blood. As a naturopath I see this daily in practice when performing live blood analysis; acid crystals or all colours ? some from drugs, pesticide residue, alcohol, uric acid and assorted others from the body?s effort to dispose of these dangerous substances.  

Or blood passes thru our heart at the rate of aprox 130 litrs/hour. The kidneys filter one litre of blood per min and if clogged with acid wastes may cause kidney stones and inflammatory conditions of the bladder.

                                                                                         ALKAWAY HOMEPAGE

Most of our blood passes through the liver every three minutes, doing an enormous job of filtering toxic waste and acids from the blood stream.  The liver also produces enzymes to alkalise the blood. Liver enzymes, studies often referred to as liver function test, often show an elevation of these enzymes, signifying the liver is working overtimes to reduce the acid waste and toxins in the body, which means it hasn?t time to do many of its other functions.  

The liver is then forced to unburden itself of these acid wastes and deposit them in joints ? causing arthritis, fibromyalgia and other problems. Another way the body alkalises the blood is through the respiration (lungs); ever noticed how when you?re sick (and usually more toxic) you seem to increase your respiratory rate, noticed more in children as ?panting?.  

Oxygen supports an alkaline environment in the blood and tissues of the body.  This is WHY breathing exercises yoga etc., are valued as good health practices.  Oxygen not only gives more energy but helps to detoxify and alkaline the body. 

Another way the body deals with acidity is to ?buffer? with an alkaline mineral.  

The body?s most abundant alkaline mineral is calcium found in bones and teeth.  In my opinion, osteoporosis is not caused by lack of calcium or of dairy products, but rather by the body having to beg borrow and steal calcium from the bones etc for alkalising the body.

Stress comes into the equation here too, as stress uses up alot of magnesium (another alkaline mineral), stress is also an acid producing lifestyle factor, robbing the body of both alkalising minerals. Both magnesium and calcium help to support each other.  

An acid body is also a stress factor on the body, Low magnesium and calcium cause us to stress more easily too.

So where do all these acids come from and how can we deal with it?  

Most foods, except fruits and vegetables are acid producing: poor digestion from not chewing etc, causes excess acid wastes; alcohol, drugs, junk food, smoking, toxic debris, shallow breathing, - sedentary Lifestyle, all add to acidic load.

To see how see your acidity level.....ask to organise a saliva test.

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What can I do?

To assist the body in being more alkaline we can choose to do any or all combinations of the following:

Eat an 80% alkaline (fruit and vegetables)   20% acid diet (grains etc).

?        *    Supplement with alkaline substances such as vegie juices, especially beetroot and carrot and virtually any greens.

?        *    Liquid chlorophyll, powdered or fresh barley, wheat grasses, spriulina and chlorella.

?        *    Calcium magnesium supplements

?        *    Alkaline water

?        *    Deep diaphragmatic breathing, yoga and detoxification processes to dredge the acid wastes.

?        *    FIR Saunas are an excellent and thorough way to dredge the skin and clean the bodily organs ....?skin our largest eliminatory organ?

*    Along with body scrubs, Dead Sea salt scrub and mud wrap massage.

?        *    Breathing deeply but also by the use of essential herbal oils in a deeply radiant light heated room emitting negative ions.

?        *    Kidneys and bladder can be drained with the use of Herbal Teas and drinking Alkaline water

?        *    And last but not least Colon cleansing.

?           Regular Massage and bodywork to Detoxify and maintenance measures in place.

*    Try Alchemiah Touch Pamper Detox Packges

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